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Cleankill removes rats and mice from equestrian centre in East Sussex

Rats and mice at equestrian centre in East Sussex

The Problem

Cleankill Pest Control was called to a residential property and equestrian centre in East Sussex.  The owner, Andy Melville, reported rats had been seen taking food from the bird table and digging burrows under the table. The bird table was situated near a pond in the large garden attached to the premises. In addition to this, mice were also found to be eating animal feed in the storage cupboards.

Andy was concerned this represented a contamination risk, and was worried the sight of rodents might cause distress to staff and customers. In addition, there was also the worry that customers may see the rodents and take their business elsewhere.  

The Solution

Cleankill carefully considered the various factors relating to this case:

  • Dogs and other animals were onsite
  • Solution needed to be safe
  • Solution needed to be quick to avoid exacerbating the problem

The answer was a combination of traps and tamper-resistant bait boxes. These allow bait to be laid safely, without risk to domestic or wild animals.

The animal burrows were back filled with earth.

The Outcome

The infestation was controlled and Cleankill Pest Control now regularly carries out maintenance checks to ensure the problem does not re-occur.

Andy was right to call in pest control professionals as there was a considerable risk that these pests would have started to infest neighbouring domestic properties.