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Electric Fly Killers

Electric fly killers
Electric fly killer

Controlling flying insects is vital for food businesses and desirable in many others.

A single housefly can pick up and transport disease-carrying bacteria from and to every surface, including food and food preparation areas.

Cleankill has its own range of Ultra-Violet (UV) fly killers. There are eight different units each containing electrified grids which ‘zap’ and collect the flies, while others contain glue boards which catch the unwary insects that are attracted to the UV. Glue board units operate silently and are very popular in sensitive locations where noise needs to be avoided and where there is concern that insects might blow out of the catch trays on to food preparation surfaces.

Each Electrifly UV fly killer unit comes with a maintenance contract which includes any repair services, as well as replacement tubes and parts.

Regular maintenance is a must – electric fly units must be emptied and cleaned regularly. Our maintenance service ensures this task is never overlooked and your fly killer is always working effectively and efficiently.

Available in a range of sizes, finishes and colours our Electrifly units can be supplied with shatter-proof UV tubes for increased safety. Whatever the location, we have a unit that will work for you. Download our leaflet here and arrange an appointment with one or our expert surveyors by calling 0800 056 5477.

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