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Cleankill comes to the rescue of 11th Purley Scout Group

Cleankill helps Scout Group

Cleankill Pest Control stepped in to help the local 11th Purley Scout Group after a van hire company informed them at the last minute that they could no longer supply one of the vans required for the annual Scout Camp.

Scout Leader, Peter Pearce, received the disappointing news three days before the group was to depart for the Isle of Wight. This left them with a problem – they had the minibuses they needed to transport the children but not the van they needed to transport the equipment. The organisers needed to quickly find a van capable of transporting a lot of kit, tents and cooking equipment, otherwise it wasn’t going to be much of a jamboree.

Step forward Cleankill Operations Director, Jonathan Whitehead, who looked at their fleet of vans and realised, with a bit of reorganisation, they could supply the necessary vehicle. Once he had identified a suitable van, it was emptied, cleaned and disinfected. This included the removal of pigeon fouling from a recent job – Cleankill is a registered waste carrier and can professionally deal with a wide range of pest problems, including avian waste.

With a full complement of vehicles the Scout Group was able to leave on time and, by all accounts, had a wonderful time on the Isle of Wight.

Cleankill’s Managing Director Paul Bates, has a long association with the 11th Purley Scout Group and is now Cub leader.

Commenting on the tale, Paul said: “It was great for Cleankill to be able to provide a suitable vehicle at such short notice. I’d really like to thank Jon for his efforts in making sure the van was emptied, cleaned and ready. Without it, we would have found it very difficult to transport all the Scout’s equipment, but, as it was, the whole trip was a great success – helped in no small part by the tremendous weather!”

Paul first became involved with the Scouting movement in 1983, despite never having been a Scout or Cub. He became involved when he heard the 11th Purley Scout Group were going to be forced to close due to a lack of leaders. His dedication to the organisation has even been recognised with the awarding of the Chief Scout’s Medal of Merit for Outstanding Service to Scouting. 

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