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Paul becomes a ‘dragon’ for a day

Paul becomes school dragon for a day (picture courtesy of BBC)

This Friday, managing director Paul Bates will become a ‘Dragon’ for the day at Hamsey Green Primary School, Warlingham, Surrey.

As part of their ‘Stepping into Business’ programme, the school will be recreating Dragon’s Den for pupils on Friday 1st December. During the event, groups of students will pitch their products to the ‘Dragons’, re-branded as ‘Business Angels’ to make them more festive. The children have designed and made the products themselves, to be sold at the school’s Winter Wonderland event on 2nd December.

Just like the TV programme, after each pitch the ‘Business Angels’ will grill the students on their products, before retiring to the Rock Pool Room to deliberate on the winners.  The overall winner will receive £20 investment, to go towards their float at the Winter Wonderland, with second place receiving £10 and third place receiving £5. In addition, there will be special awards for the best pitch, most innovative product and best team work.

Stepping into Business’ seeks to promote better understanding of business in schools and help every student to reach their full potential. Through their business-related programmes, they help pupils develop essential life skills like resilience, communication, problem-solving, teamwork and confidence.

Commenting on the event, Paul noted: “It’s quite intimidating stepping into Duncan Bannatyne’s shoes for the day. I hope I won’t be as scary to the pupils.

“With over 25 years of experience running businesses, it is great to be involved in projects like this. At Cleankill, we try to work in our communities as much as possible. A programme like this is perfect and may ultimately benefit us, as the pupil of today may well be a star employee of the future.”

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