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Paul grows mouse-tache for men’s health charity

Cleankill Pest Control’s Managing Director Paul Bates is shunning the razor this November in aid of charity. Paul will be growing a mo’ as part of Movember, an annual global initiative that raises money for men’s health. In particular, it finds ways to reduce the number of premature deaths due to prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems. Their stated aim is to – “stop men dying too young”.

Cleankill sponsors Hull University Men’s Hockey Club’s Charity Ride in aid of Mind

Cleankill Pest Control is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Hull University Men’s Hockey Club (HUMHC) Charity Ride from Hull to Land’s End. Over six days, a team of four will undertake the 483-mile ride from their university to the bottom left corner of the United Kingdom. They expect to average around 80 miles a day and you can follow their progress on Facebook, here.

Why doing business responsibly makes good sense for everyone

Cleankill as a company only has two assets – its staff and its customers, without these there is no business. Our responsibility is to train, encourage and support our staff in their work and in their welfare, so that they will in turn carry out their work to the best of their abilities and promote the image of Cleankill as the best provider of pest control services to their clients.

World Zombie Day : London

With the clank of ghostly chains and the screams of forgotten souls still fresh in our ears from Halloween, I have just been looking back at some scary photos given to me by two of our staff.

Danielle and Arina, who work in our Croydon office, have been taking part in the annual World Zombie Day, for the last 5 years. I don’t think they need much encouragement to dress up and they certainly have made a lot of effort – I barely recognised them.